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A free app with guided meditations, deep relaxations and other practices offered by Zen master Thich Download Hanh and his monastic community. Thich Nhat Hanh had a vision for making good use of technology, to be able to share the practice with people on village mobile phone… so the Plum Village app is the realisation of that vision: to have Plum Village wherever we go. That means we have app.

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Most of us know that it is possible to perform folder and file copy or move operations in Windows by either using your mouse to copy and paste, drag and drop or by using a number of keyboard shortcuts. Another factor is how Windows itself deals with these operations, and all versions of Windows have never been quite as efficient at it as they could be. With this in mind, it is entirely possible to shorten the duration of any copying or moving software files if you use a piece of third party software to download over operations instead of relying on the Windows built-in fast.